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robert a. waters' introduction to creating sculpture out of metallic sheeting came as coincidence in the early 1970's while contracted to build custom wood shipping containers for Frits VandeBovenkamp, world renowned Dutch artist of metal sculpture. Here it was discovered that robert's talents included much more than his accomplishments with wood. While in his spare time at the studios of Kinetic Sculpture Unlimited, owned by Frits, his momentary dabbles with copper sheeting and welding tanks became a permanent vehicle for the artistic expressions from within himself. After years of apprentice under his Dutch master studying the concepts of contemporary design, robert's imagination went towards the creation of sculpted fountains depicting scenic landscapes from all over the world. Each scenery formed from the beginning of one flat copper sheet had moved robert into a field of more intricate and detailed sculpture than Frits was creating at that time. With this movement of ideas along with whisperings in the local art community, the time had arrived for robert to establish a mastership of his own. After years of art shows and representation in local television and print, he expanded his creative landscape ideas into the backyards of southern California creating environments of waterfalls, gardens, and Japanese Koi fish under the licensed name Watercraft General Contractors. Further exterior development contacts led to the overall building of commercial  office and high density living complexes throughout southern California. Retirement from commercial development was inevitable knowing that years of design concepts were growing from within. In September of 1994, robert decided to once again apply all of himself into the medium that was so represented in his last name before. With the help of this great internet spreading his concepts and creations throughout over 40 countries, the rest has been history of recognition and promotion internationally. From his heart, and with the sculpted fountains from his hands, he expresses in his own silent way, so many thanks to all those who have shown interest or supported his artistic endeavors through their commission of his talents, or even a good word in compliment through e-mail. The legacy is built upon acceptance, not purchase.