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Online Catalog of Concepts

Why just look at fountains when now you can afford art!
Every water sculpture that was once created and is featured below can also be re-created for you in any size of height, width, and depth to fit your need in any special area. All the concepts that have been produced can also be mixed and matched with each other. For example, the floral themes may be added to the contemporary or more modern ideas. E-mail us today for any special request of robert by clicking on the various e-mail links throughout the pages and let's see what he can do for you.  

"I guarantee every water sculpture is gallery quality. You can e-mail me or call me, and I will easily exceed your expectations when your water sculpture arrives at it's new home".... robert waters

A closer look at the finer detail can also be seen at the following link (DETAIL)  These sculptures shown here are guaranteed to surpass any other copper water fountains at the more than 1.3 million web sites searched under the keywords "water fountains". is second to none in quality, concept, and price combined, guaranteed.  

 " 30 years creating it all...   robert a.waters

Due to web site traffic allowances, all pictures are reduced in size to 8-bit graphics. Feel free to request a larger picture at a better resolution in your E-mail.
Every sculpture will arrive ready to fill with water and plug in. All included water pumps use a regular 110 volt outlet plug. The outdoor sculptures can be shipped with an accelerated verdigris coloration (greenish patina) such as the color seen on the Statue of Liberty. All indoor sculptures can be sealed in polyurethane plastic to preserve the vivid and brilliant colors that you see in the pictures.
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weblotus.gif (9212 bytes)

"Lotus Flower"

A soft and beautiful 1/2 scale reproduction of the lotus flower with water flowing from leaf to leaf.


weblotusnvine.gif (6760 bytes) "Lotus and Dogwood Garden"

An arrangement of lotus flowers, bamboo, and Chinese dogwood.


weblrgpan.gif (8841 bytes) "Giant Cascading Pans"

A gentle cascade to the bottom with a larger pan diameter dominating the presence of the fountain.

"Weeping Dogwood Tree"

One of the most popular of the "dogwood" concepts because of it's grace and lines.

webchina.gif (6712 bytes)

"Emerald City"

Green slopes lead to the towering spires of Oz. The enchantment swirls as the shimmering water descends down the high rising city.

"Kanji Wall"

One of many concepts using copper panels to display the water as it is completely dispersed over the sheeted surface. Many Kanji symbols are available to choose from for your own special message.


Triangular copper pans mixed with an assortment of spheres produces a clean and contemporary combination.

webobject2000.gif (5112 bytes) "Objective2000"

Another concept of geometric form with hints of symmetry throughout it stature.

"Reiki Tree"

Another copper panel concept with the subject of Asian healing once again drafting the theme except with scroll type panels suspended from a dormant tree with far east shaping.

webcattail.gif (10658 bytes)

"Marsh Cat Tails"

Among the lily pads and bright flowers, cat tails stand sentry over the delicate arrangement.  

webficus.gif (10331 bytes)

"Winter Hardwood"

   As winter arrives the coat unfolds and now the branches are bare. Still the sound of cascade replaces the song of the wind in the leaves.



A single wall panel concept with simple deflectors that disturb the smooth path of the water which completely covers the entire sheeted area.

"Lotus Flower"

Another example of the "lotus" showing a smaller basin and the polyurethane coating used on indoor sculptures.

web2smbamboo.gif (6160 bytes)  "Asian Marsh Bamboo"

Wading off shore, shortened heights of bamboo divide the lily pads and her blooms.

webobjecty.gif (11495 bytes)


Geometric combinations with unspecified lines align with the sense of the abstract.


webkamiko.gif (5976 bytes)

"Butterfly Rest"

Winding stems support the shadows for the butterflies to drink while out of harms way. The pools elevated provide for the thirst of a few.


"Ringed Large Pan"

The Giant Cascading Pans are embellished with rings set in level and the size of the pans.

"Objectivity 2003"

Each year so many concepts are embellished with additions that they create a whole new avenue for direction of previous works.

webcatmarsh.gif (3874 bytes) "Lotus and Cattails"

A slender combination of cattails, lotus leaves, and dogwood flowers grace this simple representation of simplicity in form.

webbambo.gif (11743 bytes)  "Tropical Bamboo"

  A solo stand of river bamboo steps it's distance with the depths of water contained in elegant African lily pads.

webtwinvn.gif (8218 bytes)

"Twin Vines"

Winding grape vines echo the descent of the hammered bowls. Accents of foliage accent the various elevations.

webemerflower.GIF (11948 bytes) "Dogwood Candle"

A wisp of dogwood swirls around the candle as water gentle in it's drape, covers the surface as it flows from the top.

webtangular.gif (6605 bytes) "Rectangularity"

When demonstrated in heights over six feet, both water and copper are the subject in plurality.

websmlemerald.gif (6567 bytes) "Emerald City Jr."

The larger concept of standing pipes which flow from the top known as "Emerald City", is also available in different heights including table tops.

webdogwood.gif (9733 bytes)

"Chinese Dogwood"

     A beautiful flowered concept created in varied heights of trees and indoor arrangements.

webflowers.gif (11720 bytes)

"A Closer Look"

     Everybody request a closer view of the "dogwood" as the above picture visits a past creation of 8 feet in height.


"Weeping Dogwood"

     As the above picture visits a close-up, this picture adds the delicate Asian approach.


webivy84.gif (9452 bytes)

"English Ivy"

   An assortment of cascading pleated bowls surround the gentle wrap of English ivy. An echo of smaller troughs follow to the side.

webtalllotus.gif (7307 bytes) "Lotus Reach"

Extensions of lotus leaf and flower stems create an elegant spectacle when heights drift over 36" and 48" from the basin.

webslimwood.gif (5256 bytes) "Slim Wood"

With water cascading through a dominant assortment of pans, the attention is water first, branching second in another display of height and elegance combined.

webpans.gif (5070 bytes) "Cascading Pans"

A gentle cascade to the bottom with deep side pleated pans.

websmlobject.GIF (12768 bytes) "Table Objectivity"

Object oriented fountains in smaller dimensions.


"Patina Lotus"

All fountains are available for outdoors with an accelerated verdigris finish which will eliminate years of waiting for natural colorations.

A Few Specialties in Concept

webexter.gif (8627 bytes)  "Trough Descent"

   An exterior development which can be incorporated onto any wall or flat surface. Floral attachments highlight the outer reaches of the vision.

webshim.gif (17239 bytes)

"Shimmering Sunset"

  Valance and tray encompass the water draped slate as the encased light illuminates the sunset behind the "Copper mountain".

websmwall.gif (9678 bytes)

"Aloe Vera"

         A wall mounted shield backdrops the simulated planting of Aloe Vera. 

webhouse.gif (9549 bytes)

"Water Mill"

The last remnants of Sutter's mill still remain in this copper reminiscent.

"Reiki Wall"

A copper double paneled concept with the subject of Asian healing drafting the theme. Wall shown is 7 feet tall. Wall or panel concepts can be applied in any location, in any size.  

webpyramid.gif (8628 bytes)

"Kinetic Pyramid"

   A kinetic arm with discs swings in the center of the pyramid. Table top or wall mount.      

webclock.gif (11200 bytes)

  "Kinetic Radius"

Concentric circles outline the kinetic movement of the arm and discs. Table top or wall. 

webwalltable.gif (15674 bytes)

"Americana Wall"

This large early American wall mount is a creation of kinetic movement, floral attachments, and handcrafted grace.

"Kinetic Symmetry "

A quick look at a fountain created almost three decades ago in my youth and apprentice to mastership.

webthunder.gif (49411 bytes)

   "Thunder Mountain"  

A magnificent recreation of the mining villages which speckled the landscape of all the western United States. With a 360 degree view, along with two mountain streams and waterfalls, the detail is intricate down to the discarded mining pans and tools which litter the slopes of Thunder Mountain.  DETAILED PICTURES