The strategic placement of a water fountain in your home or work space can do wonders.  Sometimes they are placed in certain areas to increase money flow or to unblock tension within the household.  Sometimes they are used to alleviate a health problem, such as low back or leg pain.  And sometimes houses or businesses go through negative cycles, where the only cure is for occupants to be able to see and hear water on a daily basis. For some people, the careful placement of water in their house or apartment can even increase romantic encounters or bring in public recognition in their career. The aura of water which in chinese philosphy is the "child of metal", continues.


The use of water fountains in feng shui is quite popular.  Feng shui is a natural science which can be thought of as the metaphysical interpretation of architecture, environment and interior design.  But why water fountains? Often, the remedy for a particular area may be the recommendation for clean, circulating water.  Historically, the Chinese have used several methods to fill this prescription, including aquariums and ponds.  But not everyone wants to take on the maintenance of live fish!


And now throughout the world as the Chinese philosophy of placement known as Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) flourishes  within residences and businesses everywhere, copperfountain.com has emerged setting itself a world apart from others in creating water fountains for every application. Copperfountain.com in California has been creating copper water fountains since the early 1970's for many interior decorators in the United States, and now they are also turning their attention towards supplying fountains where certain specifications of it's construction would be required. With the intense movement towards feng shui, consultants have been requesting copperfountain.com for association with most of their business endeavors since 1994. The ability to purchase original water fountains that meet certain criteria for size, round edging, gallons held, and aspects of numerology has been a comfort to all those in need of such demanding specifications for their fountains.

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